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About Ritchie Carpets

Newcastle's  first and oldest carpet shop, 42 years and still going strong

About us

Ritchie Carpets was founded in 1975 and has been a family business for over 42 years in Newcastle. Ritchie Carpets is the first carpet business in the Newcastle area and is regarded as a pioneer in the carpet industry.

The business has passed down through generations and is now operated by two directors, Genoreid Pikes and David Devasagayum, who are equally driven to ensure the business' continued existence.


Our vision is to ensure Ritchie Carpets remains a household name in the Newcastle and it's surrounding areas. We aim to further extend our operations to a broader South Africa regardless of their economic status.


our mission is to offer great customer value, a quality finish with exceptional customer service, we aim to build extended relations with all our customers to ensure long term support on service rendered