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Residential Vinyl Floors for all tastes

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the thin patterned vinyl we associate with our grandmother's kitchens. With the vinyl range offered by Belgotex Floors, you are guaranteed luxury vinyl floors that won't discolour, peel or lose their allure.
With the look and feel of wood, our residential vinyl floor products are the ultimate wood look flooring solution.


Single Planks

ARLINGTON features the ever popular clic system which allows for a glue-less installation. This sophisticated range of colours and textures allows the space you are working with to be brought to life. The contemporary tones allow for a diverse clientele that has always wanted to impress.


Single Planks

The town of Charleston may be synonymous with music and dance, but it is also home to acre upon acre of the most magnificent wild forests and national parks. Beautiful, bewitching wooded forests are populated with ancient trees, and streams trickle through the landscape like silver twine.

The beauty of the forest is intrinsically captured in the Charleston luxury vinyl plank tile range from Belgotex Floors. Charleston creates a beautiful wood-look floor setting, without the noise, durability, cost or cleaning concerns of real wood. Laid said by side, the Charleston LVT range is the perfect floorcovering for dining areas, lounges, home offices and children’s play areas. It also adds a slick and sophisticated touch to modern bedrooms. The smooth, sleek surface is totally waterproof and easy to clean, quiet and comfortable. Choose from a collection of subtle wood-grain patterns, or bolder, more exotic designs to create a truly warm, comfortable and luxurious decor environment.

If you’re looking for the beauty, durability, look and feel of wood-grain flooring, there is no better choice than Belgotex Floors’ Charleston range – the ultimate wood flooring solution nspired by the beauty of the natural fores



CRYSTAL is sustainable, durable, functional and versatile, which makes it the perfect collection for professionals. Made from polyvinyl chloride, with a foam backing on a glass fibre mat support, it is the ideal solution for use in healthcare, retail, offices, hospitality, leisure and many more heavy commercial areas. The waterproof qualities of this range ensure that cleaning up is a breeze, and the antibacterial top coat provides protection against the germs.


Single Planks

DAVENPORT is a combination of rustic tones and textures, which makes it the perfect product for any commercial installation that requires performance as well as aesthetic appeal. These latest colour and texture trends are not just for “show”, they are backed up by a 0,55mm wear layer which means it will perform in heavy commercial areas as well as look great in any trendy home.


Single Planks

Situated in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, Hampton is a unique city with an old soul and a youthful spirit. It is surrounded by breathtaking rivers, tidal wetlands and expansive state forests. People love Hampton for its innate beauty and textural vibrancy, for the quality of its produce, the depth and diversity of its history, and the heart of its people.

Hampton is also the exquisite new wood-look vinyl range from Belgotex Floors. You will love it for its quietness underfoot, longwearing durability, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. And because it brings beauty, vibrancy, quality and heart into your home. It is the perfect flooring choice for heavy traffic areas that always need to look good. Hampton is waterproof, really easy to clean, comfortable to walk and play on, and is offered in a wide range of wood-look patterns, designs and colourways.

So, if you’re ready to uncover the unique soul and spirit of your home, consider the Belgotex Floors’ Hampton range - one of the best choices in wood flooring solutions. You’ll love the depth and diversity that it brings to your world.



The love and appreciation for the natural beauty of wood is why Belgotex Floors has extended the colour palette of our successful HARTFORD range of cushion vinyl flooring. Hardwearing, easy to maintain and with excellent warranties, Hartford is the perfect vinyl floorcovering choice for a range of busy modern commercial environments. Offering a unique wood-look surface – and now offered in a variety of colours inspired by the trees and lumber companies of Conneticut – HARTFORD is scratchresistant, slip-resistant and waterresistant. It is a convenient, practical flooring solution that enhances the aesthetic features of office lobbies, educational institutions, shopping malls and other heavy traffic areas that need visually appealing floor design combined with exceptional durability. So, if you’re looking for a stunning, realistic wood look product, with a soft durable finish, look at Belgotex Floors’ HARTFORD vinyl flooring. And experience the pride and pleasure of creating an elegant and beautiful backdrop to your commercial space.


Single Planks

NOTTINGHAM features the revolutionary new TACBAC installation system, as well as the state of the art designs and shades that will transform any space that requires a wood look finish. The colour range is sophisticated but has the natural charm you would expect to find from authentic wooden floors.


Single Planks

OAKLAND is the ideal range for any household. The whitewashed and grey designs emphasise the current trends worldwide. All colour ways depict a rustic and authentic look and with OAKLAND you have the benefit of the clic system whereby no glue is required during installation.


Single Planks

Change is constant and it is good, though sometimes not easy. It brings personal growth, makes us flexible and helps us improve things that need fixing. Research has shown that just changing our environment can reduce stress and benefit our health. And that bringing nature into our lives – like a simple live plant or the image of a tree – can make us happier and healthier.

As leaders of change in the flooring industry, Belgotex Floors knows how important it is to create new products inspired by nature, that help you improve your life. That’s why we’ve introduced Penninsula, an innovative vinyl product that is perfect for any contemporary setting.

Penninsula is water-resistant and an attractive, durable and convenient flooring solution for high traffic areas in your home, like an open-plan kitchen, dining and family room area. It is available in an extensive range of finishes and based on a variety of different timbers, which give this faux wood product a realistic look and feel. Choose textured planks for a more rustic appearance, or a smoother look for a more contemporary style. And the lighter colour palette fits any environment – irrespective of whether your home is traditional, modern or your own quirky, unique design.


Single Planks

Natural raw timber is nature’s best décor gift to us. In our fast-paced modern world, there is nothing quite like the look and feel of genuine wood to reconnect us with our authentic selves and remind us of what is real. Wood completely transforms ‘functional’ into ‘beautiful’.

Because we believe in the beauty of wood without the cost – to nature and your pocket - Belgotex Floors has launched ‘Portland’, a highly durable vinyl flooring plank range with an ultra-realistic wood look. It features a natural wood grain texture in straight, curly or wavy grain patterns, and even the occasional band-sawn effect, which adds warmth, depth and authenticity.

Portland is durable and water-resistant, which means it’s great for bathrooms, kitchens and poolrooms, and the perfect floorcovering for a holiday beach home. It’s also easy to clean, quiet and comfortable underfoot. And the contemporary colour range will completely change the look and feel of your interior into a cool, natural environment – a place to reconnect with your authentic self.

Podium Clic

Single Planks

Belgotex Floors’ addition to the Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection, PODIUM CLIC, is inspired by nature, and brings comfort and luxury into your home. PODIUM CLIC features a 360° clic system for easier installation and a Rigid Composite Board backing to resist the appearance of tile grout lines and allow fitting on uneven floors. With sound and water resistant qualities PODIUM CLIC can be used in any room in the home.



For centuries the noble oak tree has symbolized protection, success and stability, and has been honoured for its endurance and towering strength. The oak tree also features prominently in children’s stories as well as in mythical folklore.

The raw beauty, natural appeal and unique nuances of the oak tree have inspired a remarkable range of cushion vinyl flooring from Belgotex Flooring, called Toledo. This innovative vinyl product is the perfect choice for a contemporary setting. Offering a smooth, fashionable surface, Toledo is durable, water-resistant, and a convenient, practical flooring solution for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. Because cushion vinyl is scratch-resistant and slip-proof too, it’s perfect for young families with children – and for grandparents too! And because one of its best features is the comfortable soft feel that it gives underfoot, cushion vinyl has the added benefits of comfort and luxury that you cannot get from any other floor tile.

Toledo is available in an extensive range of stylish colours and finishes, based on a variety of Oak timbers, which give this quality product an even more realistic wood look and feel, and will transform your home into an enchanting modern setting.

TripTech Wood


Belgotex Floors brings South Africa yet another first... a 3m wide cushion vinyl range, to reduce wastage during installation. TRIPTECH WOOD with its resilient foam backing ensures top-flight appearance retention and a bounce back feel. Sophisticated and elegant designs with strong performance, now that is POWER. You will have no worries about scuffing and staining thanks to its protective PU topcoat. That means a floor that retains its fresh new look far longer.